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    May the wait be well waited,
    May the time be well slated,
    BlitzGirl be elevated,
    To the latest of pages.
    Let us all be elated,
    Our hunger abated,
    As be we caffeinated,
    We watch Time. Pixelated.
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On NewPage 1271 of the One True Thread , pelrigg did spake this 50,803rd utterance:

I know I'm being teary and sniffly right now because of the bad words that I saw on the OTC. I know that this community will keep going for quite a long Time, if only to get the projects that have been started up and running.
Then there's planning for any "Meet-ups" we might want to have. (Of the mod's might get frowny faced and tell us to go to the "Meet-up" page in that other part of the fora.)

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