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On NewPage 1280 of the One True Thread , NetWeasel did spake this 51,187th utterance:

I had this one, below:.
I'm more for proposal two, myself -- it tries to keep the thread from being TOO clogged with rONGs.
Ditching the "once per hour" implies that the posting traffic is going to go way down.
But to use RandomPixBot, I'm not so sure -- meaningful frames vs. random. would it be better to not have any for awhile, as long as the ones that are posted are meaningful enough to someone that they would repost it? Not my call, could go either way there.
If RandomPixBot IS activated, here's my suggestion: if at 20 minutes after the agreed time for rONG post, RandomPixBot detects no ONGs in the previous 40 posts (=one NP) AND no ONGs in the previous 25 minutes, then it posts.
(possibly among a list of top frames from somewhere)

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  • mscha on NP 1280 as stating

    About randompixbot, I can certainly get something up & running quickly, but. . . this is all getting a bit complicated. Not impossible, but not sure it's worth the effort. How about something simpler?. Proposal 1: randompixbot will post, at certain intervals (hourly? daily? something in between?) a random oldpix, unconditionally. Beside this, people can post (at a certain schedule, with the usual €œfirst to rONG € wins; or just whenever they feel like it) a favourite frame. (People aren't good at €˜random €™.). Proposal 2: we decide on a schedule for posting rONGs. For instance, hourly, or daily, or something in between. Randompixbot will run N minutes later (could be 10, as it is for newpixbot, or 25, 30, whatever we decide), check if any. oldpix was posted since rONG time, and if not, rONG a random oldpix. Any thoughts?